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Undergraduate: Guilford College, BS Biology & Psychology, Minor: Chemistry

Medical School - University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill School of Medicine 

Residency:  University of Kentucky, Dept of Neurosurgery 2006-2007

Residency:  Oklahoma University-Tulsa, Dept of Family Medicine 2008-2010


W. Hugh Nesbit, M.D., FAAFP, has been providing care for patients since 2006.  While attending the now US News and Report #1 ranked medical school for primary care, Dr. Nesbit graduated with honors in basic medical science and various specialty rotations, achieved among the highest board scores for the USMLE (US Medical Licensing Examinations):  USLME Step 1, 97th%, USMLE Step 2, and 99th%, USMLE Step 3, 95th%, to later obtain 99th% scores for the National Family Medicine Residency exam and American Board of Family Medicine Certification exam. 



After medical school, Dr. Nesbit had experience in caring for critically ill trauma patients at the University of Kentucky, Dept of Neurosurgery.  Finding himself wanting to manage a patient's entire care, he finished his training in Family Medicine allowing utilization of all aspects of medicine we as physicians learn in training including newborn, pediatric, adolescent, adult, geriatric, obstetrics, gynecology, men's health, nursing home, inpatient and psychiatric care.  


Work Experience:

His private practice experience includes hospitalist, ICU care, emergency room, urgent care and outpatient primary care,  Dr. Nesbit gained first hand insight and experience of knowing what level of care best suits a patients needs.   Many hospitalizations and ER trips can be avoided with expedited outpatient evaluation, saving patients from unnecessary and costly medical bills. 


Personal Philosophy:

“I believe patients should be seen and cared for as much as possible by their primary care physician who knows them well,” he says. “My patients have full access to my care. When they are not feeling well, I work them in to my schedule so they can avoid urgent care facilities, emergency rooms and hospitalizations.

Your First Office Visit:

"When a new patient comes to my office, they are greeted, asked how I may help them, listened to and examined.  Prior medical records are ordered and every diagnosis and symptom they carry are systematically interrogated for accuracy and appropriate evidenced based medicine treatment.  Testing is ordered to confirm diagnoses, as well as evaluate for potentially missed or reversible causes.  Some patients may only need one visit.  Others are seen frequently until stable and we know they are on the correct path of treatment."  The best outcomes and care come from taking time with your patients.


Community Connections & Coordination of Care:

If a higher level of care or a specialist is needed, Dr. Nesbit has established relationships with the Tulsa area's top specialists and can help coordinate same day consults to physicians with 3-6 month wait times with a simple call or text directly to the specialist. "I only refer patients to providers or centers whom I personally know and trust, will take the time to call physicians while you are in the office, and when needed, directly admit you into the hospital (bypassing the ER) or personally sit with them awaiting EMSA in times that Emergency Care is necessary."   After visiting with a specialist or care at a tertiary center, such as a hospital or ER, patients are invited back to to office to oversee their outcomes, recommendations,  check any medication changes and establish a plan of care hand tailored to their needs and goals.   


Patient comments about him include:

     "Dr. Nesbit has been my primary care doctor for many years. He always takes the time needed to address all issues and questions. He is a very knowledgeable physician."

    "Dr. Nesbit is the best provider I have had in 19 years. He never rushes me and has helped me get my diabetes in check. I trust him with my life!" 

Experience As A Patient:

Dr. Nesbit entered the health care field because he enjoys caring for others. “I have been a patient and I know what it’s like to need a physician that cares, listens and dedicates himself to ensuring his patients get the level of care they need,” he explains. His philosophy is to identify and treat the root cause of health conditions as opposed to treating only the symptoms.  "Too often patients are misunderstood with delayed diagnoses.  If you sit and listen to your patient, perform a detailed exam and have the knowledge to put their story together in a clinical picture, the time to diagnosis and treatment rapidly decreases."


Sports Injury and Chronic Pain:

While particularly skilled in the areas of non-operative orthopedic sports medicine, acute or chronic injury care, somatic pain and physical rehabilitation, Dr. Nesbit welcomes the opportunity to help you with any family medicine concerns.  Osteopathic assessment and manipulation, musculoskeletal ultrasound, injections, imaging interpretation and treatment are offered to patients.   


Disease Prevention and Reversal:

Dr. Nesbit works closely with his patients and encourages them to take care of themselves.  He provides counseling for diet and exercise for weight loss, and for treatment and reversal of conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, prediabetes/diabetes and obesity. 


Chronic Care Management:

Management of chronic diseases of the entire body including the heart, lungs, gastrointestinal system/liver, kidneys, skin, brain/nerves is offered through our clinic as well as newborn, pediatric, adolescent, adult, women's health and geriatric care.   Dr. Nesbit sees complex or more severely ill patients frequently to avoid hospitalization from inadequate monitoring of medication such as in congestive heart failure or poorly controlled diabetes/high blood pressure.

Pain Management:

Patients with appropriate pain management needs will be seen and evaluated thoroughly.  The ultimate goal of pain management would be resolving your pain trigger(s) to restore your life.   In times that this is not possible, injections, procedures, interventions and medication management are options to help restore your life. 

Psychiatric Care:

Dr. Nesbit enjoys caring for mental health as well as physical health.  He was previously offered a residency training position at UNC Chapel Hill after working with the adult inpatient, hospital consult and child/adolescent teams.  Having a balanced diet, exercise, lifestyle, sleep and identifying stressors assist with mental health.  Medication treatment is available when warranted.  Dr.  Nesbit prefers to manage medications and diagnoses personally and will work with trusted area Psychiatrists when indicated or requested.  He finds often patients are simply given another pill without identifying or treating the underlying condition.  It is important for patients to understand any diagnosis and treatment plan with realistic expectations.  In addition to allopathic medicine, Dr. Nesbit does offer evidenced based supplemental therapy, such as SAM-E and Ketamine therapy for treatment resistant PTSD, depression and anxiety.   He manages mood disorders including bipolar 1/2, psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia, ADHD, and insomnia among others. 

Rare Disease Care:

Do you suffer from a rare disease or have you had difficultly finding a diagnosis?   Dr. Nesbit maintains relationships with some of the leading specialists in their fields nationwide to get you to centers of excellence if he believes you require or would benefit from consult or treatment outside of Oklahoma. 

NOTICE: Dr. Nesbit will be at UPC until Aug 9, 2020.   My new Tulsa, OK location will be announced as soon as possible. 

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