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Sports injury treatment
Sports Injury and Chronic Pain:

While particularly skilled in the areas of non-operative orthopedic sports medicine, acute or chronic injury care, somatic pain and physical rehabilitation, Dr. Nesbit welcomes the opportunity to help you with any family medicine concerns.  Osteopathic assessment and manipulation, musculoskeletal ultrasound, injections, imaging interpretation and treatment are offered to patients.   

Disease Prevention and Reversal

Dr. Nesbit works closely with his patients and encourages them to take care of themselves.  He provides counseling for diet and exercise for weight loss, and for treatment and reversal of conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, prediabetes/diabetes and obesity.

Disease prevention
Chronic Care
Chronic care management
Chronic Care Management

Management of chronic diseases of the entire body including the heart, lungs, gastrointestinal system/liver, kidneys, skin, brain/nerves is offered through our clinic as well as newborn, pediatric, adolescent, adult, women's health and geriatric care.   Dr. Nesbit sees complex or more severely ill patients frequently to avoid hospitalization from inadequate monitoring of medication such as in congestive heart failure or poorly controlled diabetes/high blood pressure.

Pain Management:

Patients with appropriate pain management needs will be seen and evaluated thoroughly.  The ultimate goal of pain management would be resolving your pain trigger(s) to restore your life.   In times that this is not possible, injections, procedures, interventions and medication management are options to help restore your life. 

Pain management
Psychiatric Care:

Dr. Nesbit enjoys caring for mental health as well as physical health.  He was previously offered a residency training position at UNC Chapel Hill after working with the adult inpatient, hospital consult and child/adolescent teams.  Having a balanced diet, exercise, lifestyle, sleep and identifying stressors assist with mental health.  Medication treatment is available when warranted.  Dr.  Nesbit prefers to manage medications and diagnoses personally and will work with trusted area Psychiatrists when indicated or requested.  He finds often patients are simply given another pill without identifying or treating the underlying condition.  It is important for patients to understand any diagnosis and treatment plan with realistic expectations.  In addition to allopathic medicine, Dr. Nesbit does offer evidenced based supplemental therapy, such as SAM-E and Ketamine therapy for treatment resistant PTSD, depression and anxiety.   He manages mood disorders including bipolar 1/2, psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia, ADHD, and insomnia among others. 

Psychiatric Care:
Psychiatric care
Rare Disease Care:

Do you suffer from a rare disease or have you had difficultly finding a diagnosis?   Dr. Nesbit maintains relationships with some of the leading specialists in their fields nationwide to get you to centers of excellence if he believes you require or would benefit from consult or treatment outside of Oklahoma. 

Rare disease care
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