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Dr. W. Hugh Nesbit

W. Hugh Nesbit, M.D., FAAFP, has been providing care for patients since 2006.  While attending the now US News and Report #1 ranked medical school for primary care, Dr. Nesbit graduated with honors in basic medical science and various specialty rotations, achieved among the highest board scores for the USMLE (US Medical Licensing Examinations):USLME Step 1, 97th%, USMLE Step 2, and 99th%, USMLE Step 3, 95th%, to later obtain 99th% scores for the National Family Medicine Residency exam and American Board of Family Medicine Certification exam. 

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Sports Injury and Chronic Pain:
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Disease Prevention and Reversal:
Taking blood pressue
Chronic Care Management:
Pain Management:
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Psychiatric Care:
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Rare Disease Care:
Get Your Flu Shot and MMR
Protect against COVID

You can obtain your flu vaccine at your local pharmacy from Sept to April yealy


If you need a prescription, obtain and office visit with  Dr. Nesbit to prescribe one for you at your local pharmacy. 

There are different types of flu vaccines:

1. Obtain a quadravalent vaccine, never the trivalent (which has less coverage).

2. If available, ask for the subcutaneous vaccine which has higher immunoprotection. If it is not available get the IntraMuscular vaccine. I do not recommend the live intranasal vaccine for any age as it has both can cause mild illness and has not been shown to be effective for flu prevention in the last two years.

3. If you have thin arms or PRIOR rotator cuff damage/surgery, speak to Dr. Nesbit before getting your vaccine to prevent rare, but potentially permanent shoulder complication known as SIRVA.

4. If you have an egg allergy, ask for the egg free vaccine. 

If you have not had an adult MMR, or it has been > 10 years, obtain a booster.  There is some preliminary data from the NIH and International statistics that it MAY help cross protect against COVID-19.  

All adults are recommended to have a booster regardless by CDC guidelines. 

Insurance Policies

Insurance Policies

Nearly all major insurance plans accepted

Currently ​Effective Plans:

Aetna, BCBS, CAQH, Cigna, ChampVA, Coventry, HealthCare Highway, HealthChoice, Humana, Medicare,  Meritian, Multiplan Novitas, PHCS, OSMA, UHC, UMR, AARP UHC & Tricare East

Supplementary Medicare plans are accepted. 

Medicaid is billed as a secondary insurance.   Our clinic at this time does not accept new Primary Medicaid Patients

Cash Pay  

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How to Prepare for your first visit ?

Please call your insurance and change your Primary Care Physician to:

William Hugh Nesbit, MD with Dr. Nesbit PLLC at either: 

7153 S Yale Ave, Tulsa, OK 74136 (prior address)

3315 E 47th Place, Suite 120, Tulsa, OK 74135 (new address)


If my name is on your current card from my last office, you still MUST change it with insurance for my new location for billing

All  new and existing patients should fill out the below forms. 

You may fill them out in the office or print and bring them with you to your first visit. 


If you want medical records sent from either prior providers or my prior offices,

choose the appropriate options and will fax requests free of charge. 

When downloading, you can fill out the forms without printing. 

Email them to Dr. Nesbit or Fax them to the clinic.

New Patient Forms

1. Treament Consent Forms

2. New Patient Medical History

3. Policies and Consent to Bill Insurance

Medical Records Release

Sign to have records faxed 

FREE to Dr. Nesbit, PLLC

Prepare First Visit
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Patient comments about  Dr.W. Hugh Nesbit, MD

I am truly blessed to have found a Dr. like Dr. Nesbit. I have never come across as thorough of a Dr. than he is. I have had a few health situations that have been hard to diagnose. Trust me when I say. He leaves no stone unturned. I read one review that says he wasn't looking her in the eyes. Unfortunately,she wasn't realizing she had a Doc. who was very intensely studying her medical situation. Time in a Dr's visit is very limited. So, he is the type of guy who will use every minute of your visit making sure he is on point and not miss a thing. Trust me. He doesn't miss a thing. I have never had a Dr. make me feel so proteced as he does. Also trust me. He also takes time for plenty of discussion. I never have left his office feeling that I haven't been100% educated on my situation. I am 54 years old and I have been through alot of Doc's in my life span. Trust me when I say, Dr.Nesbit is by far the best Doc. I have ever had .


Craig Baker

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